Virginia’s A to Z – A Review

Well it has been a little over three months since I started Virginia’s A to Z. My intention was to increase my knowledge of all things Virginia by researching subjects starting with every letter of the alphabet. Here’s what I have learned.


  • I have learned about some of the people in Virginia’s life – I have learned about Virginia’s brothers, her half brothers, Ethel Smith, the Freshwater Circle, Katherine Mansfield, the Pattle Sisters, Leslie Stephen, Quentin Bell, Ralph Partridge, Vita Sackville West, and Dr Octavia Wilberforce.
  • and the ventures she was involved with – The Hogarth Press and the Omega Workshops.
  • and the writing of course – Judith Shakespeare, An Unwritten Novel,  Stream of Consciousness, and just how many novels, short stories, biographies, non fiction, autobiographies and plays she wrote.
  • not forgetting the lifestyle – Cambridge, dogs, travelling, the Memoir Club, the X Society.
  • and the bad things like Virginia’s illnesses and abuse.
  • and true to form, I got a bit side-tracked with The Yellow Wallpaper.

4 thoughts on “Virginia’s A to Z – A Review

      1. Move away from Virginia???? 🙂 never! No, she will always be the context for my posts. She was important in the first wave of feminism and I am keen to learn more about it. I reckon I need to read ‘A Room of One’s Own’.


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