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A Beautiful Book

Virginia Woolf’s GARDEN. The story of the garden at Monk’s House

Virginia Woolf's Garden

I was getting ready to go out to meet some friends yesterday evening and there was a loud knock on the door. I grabbed my purse because I assumed it would be the window cleaner calling for his payment. But, when I opened the door there was a gentleman standing there with a  parcel from Amazon in his hand. I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon so I was a bit confused but I confirmed my name and he assured me the parcel was mine so I brought it indoors and opened it.

It was a gift from my special Dorset friends for helping them to move house last week. It is THE most gorgeous  book. Not only does it appeal to my passion for all things Virginia, but it appeals to my love of gardening and my very new love of photography. The photographs are stunning. It is:

The story of the garden at Monk’s House

and having visited Monk’s House it means such a lot. I absolutely adore it and can’t stop looking at it. Something to cherish.