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My first experience with knowing someone who had been ‘abroad’ was in the late 1970s when a school friend went to Spain and my grandparents went to Malta and I think my dad went to Germany a couple of times, work related.

People that I knew didn’t really venture very far for their holidays and I suppose I naively thought that the 1970s was the first time people did that sort of thing. Well I was wrong, Virginia et al were doing it long before then.

Here is a summary of Virginia’s travels.

In 1896 Virginia went to France with Vanessa. She must have gone with her parents or some other adults as she was only 14 in 1896.

In 1904 she went to Italy with Vanessa and Violet Dickinson

In 1905 she went to Spain and Portugal

In 1906 she went to Greece. This is when Thoby caught Typhoid and sadly died.

in 1908 Virginia visited Italy with the Bells.

in 1911 she travelled to Turkey

In 1912 Virginia and Leonard honeymooned in Provence, Spain and Italy

In 1923 she went to Spain

In 1927 she went to France and Sicily

In 1929 Virginia and Leonard visited Germany. They spent the 17th to the 21st January in Berlin. They were joined by Vanessa and Quentin and by Duncan Grant who were touring galleries there. Virginia is reported to have suffered badly from the sea sickness drug that she had taken and on her return home, she went to bed for a few weeks to recover.

In 1935 Virginia enjoyed a car tour through Holland, Germany and Italy.

Virginia was clearly very well travelled but apparently she always felt more comfortable at home, specifically in London which she loved most of all, and in Cornwall.


2 thoughts on “T is for …

  1. Quite the traveler. I read a quote recently that I thought you would like. Dorothy Parker in describing the Bloomsberries apparently said that they lived in squares, painted in circles and loved in triangles. Great quote i thought.


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