A Cultural Afternoon at the University of Leeds (part 1)

The Dreamer

While I was researching my ‘Q… is for Quentin Bell’ post, I learned that a piece of his artwork, The Dreamer, was displayed at the University of Leeds. I live less than ten miles from said university so I was VERY excited. Last Wednesday my husband and I both had the day off work and we went on a cultural afternoon. He was as excited as I was (almost) and I do believe he is (almost) as interested in the Bloomsbury Group and its ‘interesting tangents’ as I am.

Quentin Bell held the position of  Head of Fine Art at the University in 1959, and was later as Professor of Fine Art until 1967.  In 1978 it was suggested that the University should acquire a piece of Bell’s artwork for display and Bell suggested  Levitating Woman (or The Dreamer) as it came to be known as, and with the help of the Department of Civil Engineering which designed and constructed the internal framework, the work was installed in 1982.

Bell’s work was inspired by  a conjuror’s trick he saw as a child and is one of the most popular works on display.

Well, we drove to the University and after finding it impossible to park nearby we walked quite a way to the main building and soon found our way to the Clothworkers Court by consulting the campus maps. As soon as I saw it I  couldn’t take my eyes off it. I absolutely loved it.

‘The Dreamer’ at the University of Leeds

20160224_130014 20160224_125817

I actually liked the back more than the front

20160224_130031 20160224_130531

Close up and long shot

20160224_131210 20160224_131224 20160224_131214

Beautiful buildings nearby.

The photographs hide the fact that the square was crowded with students moving from one building to another. I had to wait ages for a lull in the human traffic before I could take my photographs! I am so glad that we went to see this and to think that I have lived within ten miles of it for the past twenty five years and I never knew it was there.



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