N is for


Novels etc.


What exactly did Virginia write?

Novels by Virginia Woolf

The Voyage Out (1915)

Night and Day (1919)

Jacob’s Room (1922)

Mrs Dalloway (1925)

To the Lighthouse (1927)

Orlando (1928)

The Waves (1931)

The Years (1937)

Between the Acts (1941) posthumously

Short Stories by Virginia Woolf

A Society

Monday or Tuesday

An Unwritten Novel

The String Quartet

Blue and Green

Kew Gardens

The Mark on the Wall

The New Dress

The Duchess and the Jeweller

Lappin and Lapinova

In the Orchard

Solid Objects

The Shooting Party

The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection

A Woman’s College from Outside



Roger Fry

Non Fiction

Modern Fiction

The Common Reader

A Room of One’s Own

On Being Ill

The London Scene

The Second Common Reader

Three Guineas

The Death of the Moth and Other Essays

The Moment and Other Essays

Women and Writing

Autobiographical Writings

A Writers Diary

Moments of Being

A Moment’s Liberty: The Shorter Diary

The Diary of Virginia Woolf from 1915 to 1941


Freshwater: A Comedy


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