Bloomsbury and Bloomsberry

The Bloomsburys and the Bloomsberries


Photo: courtesy of Pixabay (CCO Public Domain)

This post is for Brenda who has asked about my practice of referring to the Bloomsbury Group as the ‘Bloomsberries’, and for anyone else who is curious. I have had members of my family asking the same question. Strictly speaking they were the Bloomsbury Group and informally, I reckon, the Bloomsburys. However, that just doesn’t look right as a plural so I thought Bloomsberries looked better. I also thought, naively, that it was my invention.

Well it isn’t my invention and I do see it used on Virginia Woolf sites like this one here: Bloomsberries, which states that:

the ‘Bloomsberries’ as they were called, were mostly privileged and well-educated members of the upper middle class.

I also like the word a great deal; it sounds very different to ‘Bloomsbury’… more rounded, with a change of syllable emphasis from the bloom to the berry. Visually it conjures up images of  ….. blooms and berries no less.

Like Brenda, I love words and I think this is a delicious word.


2 thoughts on “Bloomsbury and Bloomsberry

  1. I will inform my party-throwing friend, Carol, of this. Slowly we will change the English language for the better. Did you read my post on phonaesthetics. It dealt with words that sound pleasant. Maybe there is a word to describe words that look pleasant. I think Bloomsberry looks nicer than Bloomsbury.


    1. I did read your post on phonaesthetics and definitely agree that some words sound pleasant and some do not. I have always hated the sound of ‘develop’. Don’t ask me why. I would love it if there was a word to describe the pleasing look of words .. and yes, Bloomsberry looks far nicer that Bloomsbury. We certainly have a ‘thing’ about words don’t we?!

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