The A to Z of Virginia Woolf

A to Z fun size snippets of Virginia’s world

There are many smaller topics that I want to cover in my quest for ‘all things Virginia’ so I thought I would start by choosing a subject for every letter of the alphabet. I have given it some thought and I have something in mind for 24 out of the 26 letters.

If anyone has any ideas for X and Z then please let me know!




3 thoughts on “The A to Z of Virginia Woolf

  1. I may be able to help you with X and Z , depending on whether or not you want it to be directly related to Virginia.

    The X Society was an undergraduate Society at Trinity College. It was a play-reading group. Lytton Strachey was a member and Leonard Woolf may have been, as well. At least, the rules of the society were found among Leonard’s papers when he died.

    Z could stand for the Zanzibar Hoax. Adrian Stephen and a group of his Cambridge friends impersonated the suite of the uncle of the Sultan of Zanzibar. The hoaxers were welcomed by the mayor and taken on a tour of the town and colleges.

    This information was obtained from the letters of Lytton Strachey, edited by Paul Levy.


    1. Oh my goodness that is brilliant! Thank you so much. You seem to have done far more work than me on this subject! Thanks again. Watch out for my X and Z posts – may be a while!


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