B is for …


Virginia had two full brothers and two half brothers. Her full brothers were Thoby and Adrian. Thoby was older than Virginia (and her favourite) and Adrian was younger.

Thoby (1880 to 1906)

Like Adeline Virginia who used her second name, so did Julian Thoby. Thoby went to Clifton College, Bristol and then to Trinity College, Cambridge. It seems that he was charming, good looking, and very tall at over 6ft. he enjoyed the outdoor life of riding and fishing and it was Thoby and his Cambridge friends that started the Thursday evening ‘at homes’ that founded the Bloomsbury Group.

People thought that Thoby was destined for great things in a legal career but sadly he contracted Typhoid while on holiday in Greece and died shortly afterwards at the age of only 26.

Adrian (1883 to 1948)

Adrian was his mother’s favourite. He went to Westminster public school followed by Trinity College, Cambridge. He had an affair with Duncan Grant at one point but later went on to marry in 1914. He became interested in Freud and qualified in psychoanalysis; volunteering as an army doctor, at the age of 60, during the Second World War.

Adrian died in 1948 at the age of 65.



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