The Years



I am in the middle of reading The Years. Bear with me ……

It is December 15 and I am still reading – about half way through! Looking forward to writing about my thoughts on this ‘challenging’ novel.

It is now January 2016 and I am still reading. I have started it over for the third time now. I read a bit then got sidetracked with something else so when I returned to it I felt the need to start again, having forgotten and lost track. Third time around is going well and I am optimistic for finishing it by the end of the month.

As a little snippet of my thoughts so far, I will leave you with this sentence. It is one that made me put down the book and just sit and stare.

… the soaring spires of slumbering University cities, …

More later ….

Oops. It is now 23 March 16 and I have yet to finish this novel. It is not going well but I won’t be defeated. I have been too busy getting side tracked with my A to Z snippets to spend as much time as I intended to on this novel. Will return to it soon.


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