Gingernut Biscuits

In Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, Mr Ramsay offers his daughter,

… from his own parcel, a gingerbread nut, ….

Ginger biscuits are my personal second favourite biscuits and it seems that they were favourites of the Bloomsberries as well. Jan’s Ondaatje Rolls, in The Bloomsbury Cookbook, provides the recipe. I can imagine the members of the Thursday evening Bloomsbury Group passing round the biscuits to facilitate their debating and discussion.

This recipe makes six biscuits. So, compared to my previous Bloomsbury baking experiences, where the cake recipes were sufficient to feed a football team, this wouldn’t even sustain the fairy on my Christmas tree.

These are the meagre ingredients:


The stuff in the glass is Golden Syrup. In the dish are baking soda, ground ginger and a pinch of salt. The other ingredients are flour, sugar and butter.

I rubbed the butter in to the dry ingredients and then added the golden syrup to make a dough. As you can see, the amount was tiny. I wondered if this would actually be enough to make six biscuits.

Going in to the oven for ten minutes, cooling, and …. six perfect ginger biscuits. I was having friends around later that day and we all had one each and they were absolutely delicious.

That’s not all I gave my friends to eat by the way.


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