Wild and Homeless Books

In September 2015 we were on holiday, staying with friends in Dorset, and while we were there we made a trip to Bridport.

‘Wild and Homeless Books’, Bridport, Dorset.


I was immediately drawn to this delightful second hand bookshop because of its name.


The name is from a quotation by Virginia Woolf:

“Second-hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack. Besides, in this random miscellaneous company we may rub against some complete stranger who will, with luck, turn into the best friend we have in the world.”

I couldn’t resist a trip to this bookshop and wasn’t disappointed. A young lady was working there during her university holidays. She is a literature undergraduate and talking to her made me wish that I could do my degree all over again! She showed me the Bloomsbury section and, though I have a  huge pile of books ‘in waiting’, I added to my substantial collection with a study of  Leslie Stephen by Noel Annan.

The cutest thing though was the Virginia rag doll sitting on top of the Bloomsbury shelf.


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