Virginia’s Will

My husband is the genealogist in the family and he has kindly searched the National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administration) 1858 to 1966.

The following is the recorded information regarding Virginia’s Estate:

WOOLF Adeline Virginia of Monks House Rodmell Lewes (wife of Leonard Sidney Woolf) died 28 March 1941 probate Llandudno 19 August to the said Leonard Sidney Woolf publisher. Effects £16,668 7s. 7d. Resworn £14,051 3s. 5d.

An executor has to make a resworn oath if something comes to light after the original oath was made. There was perhaps some liability that was previously unknown which reduced the value of the estate.

I was curious to find out how much Virginia’s estate was worth in 2015 money. The £16k figure equates to about £750k and the £14k figure to about £633k. A lot of money. Virginia was certainly a woman of substance.


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