Essays I have written

During my six years as an undergraduate I probably wrote about forty essays. Only a few of them will be relevant to my blog and the first one I want to share with you is an exploration of Woolf’s Orlando and Okigbo’s poetry in terms of identity.

The main thing to take from it is, I think, Virginia’s opinion on gender identity and the questions that arise about why we have to be categorised (male/female, or black/white, straight/gay or anything). Can’t we just be humans? And aren’t opposites equal with both male and female as important as each other (like Summer and Winter) to make up the whole? Woolf rejects the concept that gender characteristics are innate but rather socially constructed.

During my degree days I wrote many essays including the one above about Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’. I also kept a hand written diary for the whole six years. One sentence, ‘I can’t keep my eyes open’ sums up my habit of working into the early hours. Happy days.

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