Hello and Welcome to my Literature Blog

Virginia Woolf – one of the greatest writers of all time


I am a literature graduate, a book lover and a wanabee novelist. I am fascinated by Virginia Woolf, both as an author and as an individual and though I know a fair bit about her life and works already, I want to learn more. So, I am going to teach myself ‘all things Virginia’ by keeping my blog. You are very welcome to learn with me or to teach me or to share information.

I intend to read all of Virginia’s novels (may take a while) and non-fiction as well as her biographies, essays and diaries. I also intend to learn more about the other members of the Bloomsbury Group and the times in which they lived.

I would love to visit a few places such as Monk’s House, Charleston and Sissinghurst and maybe see Talland House in St Ives and walk the Cornwall coastal routes that Virginia walked with her father. From our home in Yorkshire and with busy working lives, it is quite a trek to the South of the country but I  will keep you updated on my progress and will take plenty of photographs.

So, I will be considering the texts, the people, the places and the times. Hopefully I will get side tracked with all sorts of interesting things; academic stuff, recipes and a whole host of snippets to get a real feel for Virginia’s world….

Where to start?

14 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to my Literature Blog

  1. Hi. Love your blog. I have a photography blog and am interested in Julia Margaret Cameron. You might be interested to know she was Virginia woolfs great aunt and quite a pioneering women in her field.


  2. Great idea for a blog, I’m just starting out with Woolf, can’t believe it took me this long to get around to her, I look forward to some insights to see where my reading will take me.


      1. Variety is great, my worry is that once I read everything an author has written, I will never experience that feeling of a new work again unless they find a hidden text as sometimes happens. In hat case it is good to be sidetracked and always have something new to discover.


      2. There is always room, it just demands more creativity in how I put them on lol. I have lots of space on the floor as well if it all gets too much.


  3. I am happy that you are following Buddy’s blog, He is a wonderful kitty, Do you have one?
    I continue to enjoy the A to Z of Virginia Woolf. I am now reading a biography of Bertrand Russel by Caroline Moorehead. She uses the term Bloomsberries. I also read a biography of Violet Trefusis who had an affair with Vita Sackville-West who had an affair with Virginia. I love reading about those people who though not Bloomsberries themselves has a connection.


    1. I am a bit confused because I have been following your blog for ages then noticed that I had stopped receiving alert emails so I thought I must have accidently unsubscribed or something (or you had stopped blogging!). So, I just subscribed again.

      I don’t have a cat but I do love animals, and dare I say it, I am a dog person really, but I do like your Buddy and your blog.

      I also love that my research takes me from one person to another, though not always Bloomsberries. Adele.


      1. Adele, do you follow my other blog
        https://wonderfulwordsblog.wordpress.com/ I have been neglecting it lately because of Buddy’s blog. In this blog my aim was to read 100 books in 2016 and give a brief chat about each one. I now have read 18 books since January but I have only discussed 12 on the blog. Buddy has a weekly feature on this blog called Mondays with Buddy which gets reblogged to Foster Cat Chats. I also intended to do posts on interesting words but I have been remiss with that, too.
        On Buddy’s blog we will start in April doing a doggie interview once a month. Buddy will ask the dog 12 questions. The first post in April will be by a Newfoundland dog from Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Buddy’s is a species friendly blog. LOL


      2. Ah! I see. Yes that explains it. I have also been a bit remiss and my A-Z has slowed down but definitely not stopped. The reason is that I have bought myself a camera and am trying to teach myself how to use it. I may do a ‘photographic tour of Yorkshire’ blog when I am more proficient.

        Look forward to the doggie posts.

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